Wednesday, December 28, 2005


'Hola'(Hello)! While surfing my friend's website today, i come across one good website. is a non-profit website, which offers free sound with pictures to help learning languages. You can select you native language and learn other languages. Among the languages available are English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, French, Russian, Japanese, German, and more..

I hope this website can be helpful if you guys plan to go overseas..
'Buena suerte'(Good Luck) in learning new languages.

ありがとうございます arigatou gozaimasu*(Thank you) for visiting my website.

Monday, December 26, 2005

I'm shifting to 5th floor!!

Time passed so fast. I've been staying for 1 year at Vista Komanwel C-24-01 with Alan, Ken, Zhi Yang, Chia Whey, and Shar. Next week, i'll be back to KL again, and i'll be shifting to another friend's apartment at C-05-01. I'll be staying with Yen Wei and Li Guo (@ oligouria or ah pa). I will be staying in store room alone. Although the room is small, but i can save money and get to stay alone. More privacy, hurray..

Above is the unit plan for my apartment. Previously, i stayed in bedroom 2 with Ken. I really like that room very much, the environment is very good, and the view is superb. I can see KL tower, and also Petronas twin tower. If the weather is good, i can also see Genting Highland.

My new room will be the 'UTILITY' room, which is much smaller. However, it will be just nice for 1 person to stay. The view is not that good.. The room's window will be facing the work area and also the small toilet. That's all for my new room. I'll post real picture of my room when i shift in next week.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rainie Yang Chen Lin

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin.. she was one of the member of the Taiwanese girl band '4 in Love'. After the girl band broke up, she came out with her debut solo album “暧昧 Ambiguous”.

Title song 'Ambiguous' (Ai Mei) is a soundtrack from the Taiwanese youth drama series 'Devil Beside You' (E Mo Zai Shen Pang). This drama seem interesting and i would like to watch it.. wonder anyone have this drama?

Below I list down the song title in her album:

  1. 乖不乖 Guai Bu Guai (Obedient Or Not)
  2. 暧昧 Ai Mei (Ambiguous)
  3. 理想情人 Li Xiang Qing Ren (Ideal Lover)
  4. 只想爱你 Zhi Xiang Ai Ni (Just Wanna Love You)
  5. 单眼皮 Dan Yan Pi (Single Eyelid)
  6. 习惯 Xi Guan (Habit)
  7. 不见 Bu Jian (Not Seeing You)
  8. 爱情的颜色 Ai Qing De Yan Se (Color of Love)
  9. True Blue
  10. 下一次微笑 Xia Yi Ci Wei Xiao (Next Time Smiling)

I really like track 2 and 4..

Kevin Kern : Imagination's Light

Venue : House living room, alone
Time : About 130AM
Mood : Down

At this moment, Kevin Kern's website really suit my mood. His relaxing and beautiful music really give me calmness and relaxation. For those who don't know who is Kevin Kern, please do click here to visit his official website. 'Imagination's Light' is his newest release album. I really like track 2 (Safe in Your Embrace) and track 10 (I Am Always Right Here).

Below i list down all the songs in this album:

  1. Remembering the Light
  2. Safe in Your Embrace
  3. Pearls of Joy
  4. Fields of Gold
  5. Imagination's Key
  6. Keepers of the Flame
  7. Musings
  8. Sweet Dreams, Helena
  9. I Am Always Right Here
  10. And the Light Is Forever

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Birthday.. to me

Today ..19th December is my 21st birthday. This year, i have dinner with my relatives. I'm happy because i know i still have a lot of caring friends who send me sms to wish me happy birthday. Thanks a lot..

Also, i would like to thank ky for being with me all this while..

Friday, December 16, 2005

AFAMOSA Animal World Safari

I went to Malacca with my friends from Dec 12 till Dec 14. Here is a few pictures of the safari. This first picture is actually taken during the multi animal show. The orang utan is playing golf, and can hit the golf ball into the hole. In the second picture, the orang utan is performing rock concert..

The trainer, i can't recall his name, is seen holding an eagle. It is one of the most dangerous animal.. and it flew just a few centimetres above my head..

Otters.. They're very cute animal. The left otter seem like crying, hoping that we will save them from the small island that is surrounded by water. During the multi animal show, the otters can do housekeeping. They can pick up rubbish and throw into rubbish bin. I'll upload more picture after i get it from my friends' camera.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bank draft.. procedure

Today i went to Bank Bumi to settle bank draft for IMU payment. This is the 3rd time i'm doing it, and i still not sure with the procedure. The process is quite easy, but i have to post it here so that i won't forget it again in the future.

Firstly, get the lengthy form to fill all the detail of the payee, receiver, etc.. Then fill in another paper (red colour), so that they can deduct the money from account. Remember to bring IC. Lastly, post the bank draft to IMU with name and ID at the back of the bank draft. In few days time, i have to call IMU cashier office to check whether they receive my payment..

I still haven't receive my result till now.. Why? I just know Alan already received his result, and i did exactly the same procedure as him to ask IMU to use courier to send result to my house in my hometown. Also, i found out that Yen Wei and Poh Hon also haven't receive their result. One reason i could think of is.. maybe saturday is off-day for the courier service. Alan is staying in Kedah, and according to him, Saturday is working day for them..

Friday, December 09, 2005

End of Semester 3 examination result

Today is the release of BPharm Sem 3 end of semester examination result. Today morning, I received an email from IMU regarding my result. It took me a few minutes to settle down and calm myself before opening the email. The letter states:
'Please be informed that you have passed the End of Semester 3 Examination.'

I have to suffer another day to wait for my real result, to know my GPA and CGPA. Semester 3 is really tough..

Below I list down the subject that I have gone through for Semester 3:

  • Drug Metabolism : 1.5 credits
  • Natural Products in Medicine : 2.0 credits
  • Microbiology for Pharmacists : 3.5 credits
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis I : 2.5 credits
  • Pharmaceutics : 2.0 credits
  • Renal System : 2.0 credits
  • Respiratory System : 2.5 credits
  • Extemporaneous Dispensing : 2.0 credits

Total : 18.0 credits

Since I pass all my papers, I can happily look forward and pack for my coming trip with my friends to Malacca and maybe KL.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Xbox 360 in Asia next year

According to source from Microsoft, Xbox 360 will be released in Asia countries as follow:

  • South Korea : Feb 24
  • Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan : March 2

This is few months after its release in Japan, which is on December 10, 2005.

Monday, December 05, 2005

BPharm viva result!!

Result will be out soon, and i guess everyone must be very nervous. Some may have sleep apnea, some may have tachycardia or arrhythmias.. numerous medical jargon that is not exhausting.. what am i crapping? haha..

By the way, viva result will be out in 8 hours time. Those name in the viva list, IMU will hunt you down no matter where you're. They will contact you.. Hopefully, I don't receive any KL number call..

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Xbox 360 is out in UK

This is the official date of release for Xbox 360:

  • US : November 22
  • Europe : December 2
  • Japan : December 10

This Microsoft next generation console is selling hot in UK. According to BBC website, the console sells out within hours. Imagine that!! One thing i like about this Xbox 360 is the wireless controller. It can supports up to 4 wireless controllers.

However, retailers and gamers have been criticising Microsoft for not supplying enough unit of the consoles. When will it be released in Malaysia??

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Google earth

Wondering what is google earth? Recently, i have been googling the earth. My gay housemate, Alan, also into this Google Earth stuff.

Basically, you can see the whole world, and can zoom in and out. My laptop graphic card is not good, so the image quality is not that good at altitude of about 2000+ft. I tried to install this google earth in IMU library basement computer lab. The image is very clear. I can zoom in till 500ft and still clear.

Check it out at this website if you're interested:

Friday, December 02, 2005

HP iPAQ rx3715

BPharm Sem3 result will be out in 1 week time from today. I guess everyone must be worry about the viva list, which will be released on Monday, 5th of December.

Anyway, i come across this HP iPAQ rx3715 PDA. I think it is cool. Let me list down some of the specification:

  • Samsung S3C 2440 400Mhz processor
  • It is about 160g
  • With infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth!!
  • Well, not to miss the camera!!
  • Price.. ehm.. about RM1300 +

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wonka Chocolate

My friend Quek just came back from Australia. He gave me Wonka Chocolate. I guess those who had watched 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' should know who is Wonka. Well, the chocolate is 190g in weight, and is about 20 cm long.

I just manage to eat 1 or 2 small pieces each time. If I were to eat the whole bar of chocolate, then can get high blood pressure. HaHa..

Well, I watched 'Zathura' today with ky.. My comment, ehem.. not bad, very exciting movie, and full with moral values..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back in Kuantan!!

I back in Kuantan today after struggling 2 weeks in KL for one of the BPharm toughest exam.

Before that, i went to TAR college to find Edward and Choo Uei, to play a game of futsal before went ahead to Raub.

If you guys are interested to know more about Kuantan and also Pahang, i would like to suggest this website For my housemate in C-24-1, can come and visit me if free.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

today is free day..

1 day after exam..

I slept at 5AM the night before because have to do some laundry and make sure all shirt is dry before I can go back. Suppose to have lunch with Alan, Zhi Yang, and Poh Hon at Setapak area. However, the traffic was bad and have to drop 3 of them at Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station, and proceed to find my friend (Edward) at Setapak.

first post for my frist blog

This is the first time i create a blog and today is a good day for me because today is the last day of my exam. Pharmaceutical Analysis 1 is tough, but it is gone. I went to 1 Utama with my friends, all guys..

Then, got hair cut at 'Monsoon'. Really don't like my new hair cut, looks bad. I free sweet from AXN booth promoting 'kungfu hustle'.