Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wonka Chocolate

My friend Quek just came back from Australia. He gave me Wonka Chocolate. I guess those who had watched 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' should know who is Wonka. Well, the chocolate is 190g in weight, and is about 20 cm long.

I just manage to eat 1 or 2 small pieces each time. If I were to eat the whole bar of chocolate, then can get high blood pressure. HaHa..

Well, I watched 'Zathura' today with ky.. My comment, ehem.. not bad, very exciting movie, and full with moral values..

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back in Kuantan!!

I back in Kuantan today after struggling 2 weeks in KL for one of the BPharm toughest exam.

Before that, i went to TAR college to find Edward and Choo Uei, to play a game of futsal before went ahead to Raub.

If you guys are interested to know more about Kuantan and also Pahang, i would like to suggest this website For my housemate in C-24-1, can come and visit me if free.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

today is free day..

1 day after exam..

I slept at 5AM the night before because have to do some laundry and make sure all shirt is dry before I can go back. Suppose to have lunch with Alan, Zhi Yang, and Poh Hon at Setapak area. However, the traffic was bad and have to drop 3 of them at Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station, and proceed to find my friend (Edward) at Setapak.

first post for my frist blog

This is the first time i create a blog and today is a good day for me because today is the last day of my exam. Pharmaceutical Analysis 1 is tough, but it is gone. I went to 1 Utama with my friends, all guys..

Then, got hair cut at 'Monsoon'. Really don't like my new hair cut, looks bad. I free sweet from AXN booth promoting 'kungfu hustle'.