Saturday, January 28, 2006

Windows Live Local beta version

I came across this website when i log out from my hotmail. Windows Live is a website that is almost similar in concept to Google Earth. You can get to see road, aerial and bird's eye view. However, since this Windows Live is new, so they don't provide any image for Malaysia. They can locate you if you're using wi-fi or GPRS. Also, they can locate our location by our IP (internet protocol). I tried, but they couldn't locate me. I think i must be somewhere in the jungle of South East Asia. HeHe..

Anyway, i get the picture below from Google Earth. As you can see, the blue-roof building is where i'm studying (suffering) now. I'm staying at Vista Komanwel C Tower with my coursemate (Li Guo, Yen Wei, Poh Hon, and Keng Nam). I just need about 5 minutes to walk from my room to my uni.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Snow Men

Just reached my hometown (Kuantan) at about 9PM. After having supper, i checked my email and found this cartoon. It is Calvin & Hobbes. Quite funny. Enjoy..

This Sunday will be Chinese New Year. This year is dog's year. I would like to wish every Chinese visitor a happy Chinese New Year!! Enjoy the holiday..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Movie dealer

Got to take the picture above while Alan is doing some 'legal' copyright transfer of movie to Li Guo. It was a full season movie of 'House'. Also, he send me eBook of PaPa Pathology (Robbins 7th edition), which is about 236MB in size.

Just came back from Cheras after celebrating Li Guo's birthday party. Whole night was filled with laughter. Then, the girls from C-22-01 came to celebrate Li Guo's birthday, and war of cake took place at C-05-01. I will try to get the pictures from them and post it here next time.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Yesterday night, Alan sent me a few eBook. The world of eBook is so wonderful. Imagine having the whole book of Immunology or Biochemistry in your computer and the size of the file is just a few MB. I also have eBook of the Chronicles of Narnia, which i think i only have to time to read it on holiday. I've come across a good website They have special offers for certain books.

N.B. Just finished Dispensing Practical, which i gave wrong information to the patient. I told the patient to take Mefloquin 1 week before she goes to Solomon Island. The correct time to start the Mefloquin therapy is 2-3 weeks before she goes to Solomon Island. Aih!! 1 week is for Chloroquine. Will learn from this lesson. Luckily just got minus 2 marks..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Peugeot 206

Just finish my GI system CAL system, and was waiting for my next class. So, i decided to blog about my dream car (currently); Peugeot 206. This is the description of the car given by the Peugeot official website:
'Peugeot 206, iiresistible!
Its taut lines, its feline look, its racy style all reveal a sporty, seductive personality. Its ideal architecture, its exceptional handling helped by faultless road holding make the 206 the reference model for driving pleasure.'

Last month, i was at Toy City in Kuantan, and i came across this 1/24 scale model of Peugeot 206. It was sold at the price of RM100, expensive! In 2002 World Rally Championship (WRC), the team Peugeot is pushing on toward both the drivers' and constructors' titles with their 206 WRC. Below is the picture of the Tamiya model of 206:

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fantasy football team Gameweek 22

For Gameweek 22 of fantasy premier league, i get total score of 80 points. I overtake 2 of my friends and now in the third place. I was really surprised when i heard from my friends that Arsenal won 7-0 against Middesbrough. I chose Henry as my captain, and half of my team points is from him. None of my friends chose him as captain. Above is the picture of my team for Gameweek 22.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Biotechnology Lab 1

Last Friday (6th January 2006), i get the chance to try to build glycine and alanine amino acids and also secondary protein structure using multiple of alanine. It seems boring at first, but i find it quite challenging to build the alpha-helix and also beta-pleated sheet molecules.

The picture above shows a molecular model of glycine zwiterion. Glycine is the simplest amino acid. The black balls represent carbon atom; red represent represents oxygen atom; blue represents nitrogen atom; white represents hydrogen atom.

This is the model of alanine. Cute like dog right?

This picture shows a dipeptide, which was build from a glycine and an alanine molecule.

This picture shows an alpha-helix, with long white stick, which represents hydrogen bonds.

This model looks neat rite? Yea, i build this complicated structure.. It is a beta-pleated sheet with 4 hydrogen bonds. On the upper right part of the picture, there are 6 molecules of water which is the by product peptide bond formation.

All this cute model was build by using the 'Cochranes of Oxford molecular models'.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Guess what??

Have you the picture above somewhere? Try make some clever guess.. Can it be an old pillar in IMU? Or is it a white bag? Post what you think of the picture and post in the comment section. HeHe..