Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Different perspective..

The photos below are forwarded by one of my friend. The first time i saw the picture, i was fascinated by how creative people can be. By looking at the first picture (without looking at the second picture), you must be wondering what the guy is digging.. Am i right? Try to look at the second picture and you'll be surprised.

However, yesterday was a bad day for me. When i look at this 2 pictures, my perception is totally different from the first time i saw it. These 2 pictures can be likened to my life. Some people really like to make use of another people. I feel not safe being in this world. I admit at times i did make use of another person, but when back into my room, i will think back and feel guilty. People gossiping around, talking good in front of you, but then talk bad behind you. People who promises to keep secret but then spread out to other people. I hate all this.

I know we need to put ourself as the top priority in order to survive in this world. But i totally disagree to the extent of causing problem to other people. Well, i think i'll just go on with my life, observe and learn the good deeds. As we grow older, more and more kind of personality we can observed. This is how we get matured, i suppose. Please correct me if i'm wrong or you do not agree with my thinking.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Student credit card (UK)

This particular post is mainly about student credit card. I tried searching the net, and i found a website which recommend student credit card in UK. The card on the right is the 'Natwest Student Card'. Only permanent UK resident and full-time student at a university or college of higher education in the United Kingdom can apply this card.

On the right is another card, which is from 'Capital One Visa Card'. There is a choice of card designs and the credit limit is between £200 and £2,500.

The topic this time is should student get credit card? What is the pros and cons of having credit card? What do you think?? Well, please feel free to post some response under the comment area.