Saturday, August 19, 2006

Credit card - Experience

The previous holiday i went to HSBC and there is one lady (her english is bad), persuading me to apply one ATM (automated teller machine) card. Later on, she persuaded me to apply a credit card and all i told her is that i'm still a student. From the look of her face, i could tell that she was sad. Maybe she need to reach her quota of customer for that month. It was nearly end of December 2005. Pity her..

There is once my Malaysian Studies lecturer said that our local newspaper is getting thicker day by day. The reason is the list of people listed bankrupt is increasing exponentially. I agree and one of the reason that i could think of is credit card. During school time, we were taught to keep our money in those cute piggy bank. When we get into working life, we were 'encouraged' to use credit card..

There are pros and cons of using credit card. I would like to have one credit card, but not now obviously. I'll apply for one once i manage to earn 5 or 6 digits figure per month. There is a lot of priviliges provided by all this bank, such as cheaper price for food, air ticket.. etc.. HeHe.. Anyone working and above 21 years old can apply for a credit card, but then proper management is most important. As for supplement card, i've never think of that before..