Friday, December 28, 2007

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Recently, I read the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. The author is Robert T. Kiyosaki. This book is all about financial awareness and freedom. It is all about what the rich teach their kids about money and that the poor and middle class do not.

Basically, we must know the basic cash flow pattern. It can be divided into Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Income Statement is also known as profit or loss statement. Balance Sheet consist of Asset and Liability.

Why the rich get richer? This is because the have a large column of Asset, which make them to have steady passive income. Their fortune grow day by day.

After reading this book, I realized that paying tax is a huge burden to us. The more we earn, the more tax we need to pay to the government. This book encourage us to use our financial wisdom to create opportunity and earn a corporation.

The rich with corporation earn, spend, and then only pay taxes. However, the poor will earn, pay taxes, and left with little to spend.

Antique tricycle

A simple post showing an antique tricycle, which can be found in Muzium Sungai Lembing, Pahang.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Online Backgammon

Have you ever thought of playing backgammon online? Don’t know where to play backgammon?

Gammon Fortune is a Backgammon site offering backgammon players the latest information about online backgammon tournaments and events. The site design is very professional and is available in six languages. The website also has a list of all the major backgammon regulations for your convenience.

Have a look at this website and start play backgammon now.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Public Bank Debit Card

I've applied Public Bank Debit Card one month ago. Since then, I read a lot of good review about this card. First, it is a debit card, which mean I can use it to swipe and not worry about using over my bank limit. The annual fee for this debit card is RM24.

Today, I came across Louiss blog on Public Bank Debit Card. Also, Ades also stated in his blog that he had withdraw money from PayPal directly into his debit card account. In summary, we can withdraw our PayPal money now via Public Bank Debit Card. Hurray! Click the link to read more.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eye On Malaysia

In conjunction with Malaysia's 50th year of nationhood and part of the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 celebrations, “Eye on Malaysia” was set up to bring a new perspective to the dynamic city of Kuala Lumpur.The “Eye on Malaysia” provides stunning views of Kuala Lumpur, including the world renowned Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower. There are also exclusive VIP gondola, equip with leather seats, mini fridge, DVD player, and plasma TV.

Operating hours are 10am to 11pm Sunday to Thursday, 12 midnight Fridays, Saturdays and before public holidays. For the 12 minutes ride, it costs RM15 Adult and RM8 Child.

Medical Assitant Schools

Are you looking for a career in the medical line? Do you know what that there are various program offered in the medical line?

While searching for a career in the medical line, I came across this website; Medical Assistant Schools. This website provides the most up-to-date medical assistant schools and certification information from the leading online and campus health care schools across the US. Students who receive a medical training from the recommended schools on this site find themselves in exciting healthcare professions including medical office manager, dental assistant, ultrasound technician, radiologist, nurse and more.

Among the medical assistant programs offered are:

  • Medical Assisting Schools
  • Dental Assistant Training Schools
  • Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging Schools
  • Therapeutic Health Technician Training
  • Massage Therapy Schools
  • X-Ray Technician Training
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Natural Health Practitioner
  • Medical Laboratory Technician Training
  • Pharmacy Technician School
  • Physical Therapy School

All you need to do is to be in front of your computer and review the curriculum, degree requirements, and request additional information directly from the recommended medical assistant schools from this website.

Health care is currently the fastest growing industry in the United States and other part of the world. There's a growing demand for qualified medical assistants across the world. So, why wait? Have a look at this website and get started in your medical assistant training programs.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

HTC Touch Dual

Recently, I've been searching and comparing lots of PDA phone. I'm currently using O2 Xda Atom. HTC Corp has announced HTC Touch Dual recently. I really like the design of this PDA phone.The main highlight of this PDA phone are:
  • Discover TouchFLO™, a revolutionary touch-screen technology that allows finger-touch scrolling, panning and photo zooming
  • Innovative 3D touch cube interface for quick and easy navigation
  • Slide-out 20-key keyboard or 16-key keypad for single-handed typing
  • Worldwide connectivity (HSDPA, 3G, and GPRS/EDGE/GSM)
  • Windows Mobile® 6 Professional with Direct Push Outlook® e-mail
  • Live HTC Home™ featuring time and weather display, quick launcher, and one-touch ring tone settings
  • 2 megapixel camera for shooting photos/videos and a second camera for video calls
However, there is no WIFI connectivity and the camera does not have autofocus and macro mode. Maybe I should wait for HTC to produce another version of its HTC dual series, with addition of WIFI and autofocus function.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free chat

Have you ever thought of having free chat with your friends? Well Talk121 is free local phone chat lines service offering live chat and also voice personals.

These phone chat lines do not reveal the caller’s phone numbers. So you remain anonymous all the time. Caller can also leave a voice message that the other side will hear when they hang up. Then next time they call back in they can hear the messages that were left for them by callers when they were not on the phone.

The website design is simple yet looks very professional. Have a look at this great website and start chat now.

Mister Gammon

Frequent visitor to this blog will be familiar with backgammon. This time I would like buzz about the world’s largest backgammon club; MisterGammon. MisterGammon is an online backgammon website that offers backgammon players the latest information on backgammon tournaments and events. There backgammon software is available for download. The website is available in 6 languages.

Check out this website and get the chance to play backgammon online and meet people from all over the world anytime.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bad Credit Loans

The number of people having credit card debt is increasing every day. This is due to the credit card interest, which may be as high as 18%. For those who have bad credit history, it will be harder for them to apply for a new loan.

There is this website that offer bad credit loans by comparing offers from major providers. It is indeed a great website to help consumers to solve their bad credit. In addition, there is a section on personal loan. Consumers can apply for personal loan through online application and get instant cash loan within hours of application.

Check out this website to solve your bad credit problem.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Slot machine games

Sloterix is one of the oldest slots site over the net. This highly professional online casino has a brand new web design, which offers you an authentic gaming experience. Till today, there are over 100,000 registered players play slots at Sloterix on a regular basis.

There are a variety of slots games and slot machines available for players. The opportunities to win are endless. Also, check out their slot machine information, which is very useful for beginner. In addition, the technical support available to help out permanently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why wait? Check out this website now.

Online casinos

I’ve come across this online casino website; This website is an independent online gambling portal. There are casino guide section in the website which provides up to date gambling information about the best online casinos in the world.

During every month, they take an in-depth look at the leading online casinos to determine a good casino for us. Check out for their latest review and casino news.

The website design is simple and user friendly. There are a variety of games offered by this website, such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, keno, poker, roulette, slots, and video poker. Have look at this website and start your journey to one of the best online casino in the world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gammon World

Gammon world is a website that offers backgammon players the latest information about backgammon tournaments and events. There will be live tournament everyday. You can play backgammon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The website also provides useful background about the game and tips on how to play better.

The website design is simple and is available in six languages. The Gammon World's backgammon software can be downloaded for free.

Why wait? Join Gammon world and start play backgammon now.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Engagement Rings

James Allen is definitely one of the best website to search for engagement rings. The site design is professional with up to date contents. is the only online retailer featuring diamond photographs for over 15,000 loose diamonds. Learn more about the attributes of diamonds from their Diamond Education.

Some of the most exclusive designer jewelry is available only through James Allen, including The M. Geller Collection, Danhov, Leon Popov, and Sara Blaine. James Allen also offers a vast selection of exquisitely crafted wedding rings.

The site is secured enough, with accreditation by BBBOnLine. They provide good customer support via email and phone. They will answer your questions in just a few minutes. For buyer outside USA, there is a special number dedicated for enquiries. They also provide free shipping and 30-day returns.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

GPS Insight Vehicle Tracking

Nowadays, many devices offer global positioning system (GPS) function. Recently, I come across this great website that offer GPS vehicle tracking. GPS Insight vehicle tracking system uses satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile to provide highly accurate vehicle locations every 2 minutes throughout the US and Canada.

GPS Insight provides intuitive and powerful reports and graphs on the following:

  • Speeding
  • Engine Diagnostic Fault codes/alerts
  • Begin/End of day report (compare to payroll)
  • Off-Hours Reports/Alerts
  • Landmark Reports (by landmark or by vehicle)
  • Detailed and Summary activity reports
  • Miles Per Gallon / Fuel Consumption report
  • Stop reports with configurable idle stop times
  • Idle time report using engine diagnostic data
  • Service log with scheduled service alerts
  • Accurate odometer, speed, diagnostic fault codes, emissions
  • Compliance, and fuel usage/MPG from the engine's computer
  • Scheduled email reports/graphs, and automated alerts

With all the powerful reports and graphs, company business can be more efficient, identify waste, and save money overall. In addition to their powerful GPS tool, GPS Insight also offer specialized enhancements for specific industry and fleet needs, including routing optimization and navigation integration, state mileage reporting, cell phone integration and mapping, and customized alerts, emailed reports, and integration services.

GPS Insight charge $1.50-2 per day per vehicle. Use the pricing calculator in their website to produce a quotation for you. There is no need to pay for labor when people aren't really working. By using this GPS Insight vehicle tracking system, your company can save on fuel as well as have routing efficiencies. GPS Insight provides a 30 day money back guarantee. They also offer free trials for qualified companies. Also, you can request for live demonstrations in their offices, at your location, or via WebEx presentations.

GPS Insight has the only hardware which is simple to install by plugging directly into the vehicles diagnostics port. Also, they provide same-day-shipping. They also provide GPS Insight support wiki for customers.

There is a blog for GPS vehicle tracking and from this blog, you can interact with the publisher of the blog (rdnat), who is also the founder of GPS Insight. He is willing to his expertise on GPS through GPS Insight with the community, whether they are buying, selling, developing, or just interested in this powerful technology.

For all the service and trucking companies out there, have a look at this great website now. It will be useful for your roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, and long haul trucking business.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trust Source

Well, have you ever come across products on the net? Want to know what products really work on the net? Want to hear other consumer opinion and thought? At, you can read reviews from people that have used the products you're interested in.

Recently, this website has a review on ‘stop smoking products’. It was ranked and reviewed by ex-smokers. There is also a section in this website that provide guide to stop smoking. It’s a well written article that covers important smoking cessation program such as Nicotine Replacement Program (NRP).

Their reviews also cover on best hair loss products such as Provillus, Procerin, and much more. Not only that, they also have review on cash advance and payday loans.

The products listed on Trust Source have been evaluated and compared for the claims they make. Once this process is finalized they rank the products for the consumer to be designed with simplicity in mind. In addition, they also provide their own customer reviews and ranking. Trust Source makes it easy the consumer to view which products gives the best all around benefits for your health and the best value.

Have a look at this website and shop as a better and smarter consumer. Buy products that is value for your money.

Cash Advance 1500

Today is 15th November, which is middle of the month. I’m sure most of us now have money problem. I know most of us have almost used up our salary. What are we going to do? Let me share this website;

Have you heard of cash advance or payday loans? Payday loans are actually short-term, small, and unsecured consumer loans. It is also known as short term loans. The good thing is NO credit checks are required. You can apply for cash advance through this website with loans ranging from $100-$1500. The advantage is that the process can be done securely and anonymously from ones own home. In addition, the loan process is often completed faster. If approved, the loan amount is then sent overnight via wire into the applicant’s checking or savings account.

The loans do not require a credit check. The loan approval criteria are based on employment status, minimum income and an active checking or savings account. I believe most working adults will meet these minimum requirements:

  • Being Employed for at least 3 consecutive months.
  • Earning at least $1,000 per month in income.
  • Having a valid checking account open for at least 3 months.

Say no to bouncing checks, selling personal property for less than it is worth, or uncomfortable situations like borrowing money from family and friends.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Roberts Bridge Financial

I would like to recommend this website; This financial website provides payday loans matching service. They match the prospective borrowers with prospective lenders

In between your pay days, you can quickly and easily get your cash needs through cash advance by Roberts Bridge Financial. Basically, it’s a short-term loan that can range from £80 up to £750. The money that you get can be electronically deposited and repaid from your bank account on mutually agreed upon dates.

A payday loan or cash advance can give you the money you need to cover emergencies, unexpected bills and other unforeseen costs until you receive your next paycheck. Therefore, there is no worry about paying your credit card debt, house instalment, insurance, and utilities as you can get salary advance from Roberts Bridge Financial.

In order to apply for the loan, you must be at least 18 years of age and need to have a job. You must also provide your email address, home phone number, home address, National Insurance Number, and bank account.

They process applications all the time and match it to the prospective lender. Just sit back and wait for the prospective lender to contact you. Apply now your payday loans online and get your money in as little as 24 hours.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Investment Beginner

Recently, I've been reading a lot of article on investment. With the rising inflation rate, our usual bank Fixed Deposit (FD) will not be enough to sustain us after retire. A lot of effort has been put by the government to encourage young people like us to invest in unit trust, forex, and stock market.

I admit that I'm still new in this investment world. There is a lot of accounting jargon and concept to be learnt. Currently, I'm reading a book with the title 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert T. Kiyosaki. This book is highly recommended by Quek.

I also recommend this website by Public Mutual, as it is the No.1 Unit Trust company in Malaysia. It has a section that provide guide on basic unit trust concept.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Nowadays, consumers are spoilt with the various shopping location. This post, I would like to introduce, which is the next generation online shopping boutique experience. The website is so nicely designed with pretty and handsome models wearing designer brand boutique.

You can choose to shop by brand. There are over 100 brands for both women and men. They have the ‘shop acne fall ’07 collection’ by Acne Jeans. also has a ‘beauty bar’ where various brand for men and women can be found. Examples include Rose Dream Cream by Kathleen Lewis, Grapefruit Duo Set by Ren, and Shea Spray by Hamadi.

Nudie Jeans is another brand that can be found from this website. It has denim products for skinny/ tapered leg or straight leg for men. While for Nudie women, there is only denim skinny/ tapered design. The design is so simple and casual.

Another brand that I would like to highlight is ‘seven for all mankind’. They have demin bootcut, cropped, high waist, and trousers. They also have casual dresses for women.

Currently, they have sale with new markdowns up to 80% for the following brands; Paige Premium Denim, Motif 56, Siwy, Velvet, Bloch Coture, Bread Denim, Helmut Lang, Gryson, Nanushka, Milly, Tokidoki, and Edun.

Why wait? Shop now at and you’ll stand a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree and also trip to San Francisco.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Recently, I’ve come across this website What is so great about this website? Firstly, the website basically is a haven of diamonds. Second, the website design is so neat and professional.

For those planning to get married, this website has a variety of engagement rings to be chosen. The picture is clear with detail specification of the products. Specifications include the material, size, number of princess diamond, minimum colour, minimum clarity, and the minimum carat total weight. You can even choose to design your own ring. A zoom in view of the rings can be chosen in order to view a detail view of the diamonds.

This website also provides various diamond jewelry including diamond rings. They also provide an extensive inventory for advanced diamond search. There is also a section on wedding rings. Customized jewelry is much more romantic and this will help you to win the heart of your lover.

They products also include rings and bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, and men’s jewelry.

In addition, provides free shipping, 30 days return, interest free payment plan, free gift packing, and much more benefits. There has been numerous positive feedback and many customer are satisfied with this website. I would choose this website to buy jewelry. is definitely your source for diamond engagement rings, jewelry, and diamonds.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SKFC2o new look

I take this long weekend holiday to upgrade my blog to blogger beta. Also, I changed the template of my blog. This new template is very basic and does not have much graphic. Therefore, the loading time is much faster compared to the previous template.

I have also fixed the broken link in my previous post on 'Malaysia Credit Card'. Sorry for the technical problem. I'll put tag for my new post.

Please feel free to comment on my blog new outlook.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Malaysia credit card

Nowadays, Malaysian tend to apply for more credit card. A quick search with any search engine will give you millions of results regarding credit card. Each website provide various benefits including financial freedom, cash back reward, holiday redemption, and much more.

Below is the list of credit card issuers in Malaysia:
Surely, Malaysian get a whole list of credit card to choose from. What makes the difference is the promotion and marketing strategy by each credit card issuers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Graduates Credit Card

Graduates from university nowadays have the tendency to apply for credit card. What make a graduate to apply for a credit card? Is the marketing strategy of local bank is working very well? Or is it more grand to own a credit card?

From my observation, owning a credit card is very helpful. Even in the petrol station, using credit card is much easier. One does not need to bring so much cash to pump petrol and also may even get rebates for each ringgit spend.

Also, if you walking in shopping centre, you may notice people trying to persuade you to apply for credit card. If you wear formal shirt and have those working look, they will definitely look for you. If you have the student look, they will most probably ignore you.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Are you planning for an overseas holiday trip? Let me recommend one website that I come across: They provide one of the lowest rates for online hotel booking. Search for any hotel room by using their search engine and you’re guaranteed the lowest rate. Currently, they have rebates of $100 for each booking.This website also offer booking for hotels, motels, resorts, and vacation rentals. Their vacation packages are quite attractive too with very flexible packages. You can book for flight, together with hotel room and car as well – all in a single package.

Planning a wedding, reunion, business event, sports team travel or other special occasion? The Group Department can help you with requests for 9 or more hotel rooms. Their friendly and knowledgeable Group Reservations Specialists will help you 7 days a week at over 20,000 hotels and resorts worldwide.

If you’re just looking for car rental at other countries, is the place. Their search engine will enable you to search by types of car of by the company.

The offer competitive rates compared to other travel websites. There are discounts of 70% for online booking or reservation over the phone. For example, you can book a hotel at the Vegas Club Hotel & Casino for a rate of $26.25 per night.

Find out where to go and how to plan your trip with's Destination Guides! Get recommendations on attractions, restaurants, and hotels, and up-to-date weather, health tips, and general information for thousands of destinations. The destinations guide covers various countries in Africa & Middle East, Asia, Central America & Caribbean, Europe & Russia, America, and Australasia & South Pacific. Their guide covers climate guide, sightseeing tours, eating, gambling, shopping, directory and maps, and much more.

Do visit this great website and don’t forget to book a package from if you are planning for an overseas holiday trip. Lastly, they also provide 24-hour customer care services. Happy Holiday!!

Reserve Online or Call Their Hotel Experts at:
1.800.447.4136 (USA & Canada)
00.800.1276.3549 (Europe)
(1) 817.333.5105 (Worldwide)

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Are you looking for some free tips for diet? Why not have a look at MyFitnessPal, which I came across which surfing the net today. MyFitnessPal provides free calorie counter. The calorie counter will enable you to easily and quickly track your diet. They provide all the tools that you need to lose weight in a healthy way.

MyFitnessPal has a huge food database, which enable you to search for nutrition facts. Their food database currently has over 6000 items. In addition, you can search the amount of calories burned from exercises. This calorie counting function include various exercises, such as aerobics, badminton, bicycling, bowling, football, golf, marching, music playing, roller blading, swimming, walking, and much more.

Everything on myfitnesspal is 100% free. Do visit their website and get on the path to healthier living.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Bank credit card strategy

Nowadays, bank are getting smarter in attracting consumer to apply for their credit card. Recently, bank such as UOB has been forming partnership with Carrefour. The provide 4% cash rebates for every single ringgit that you spend using UOB credit card in Carrefour.

Meanwhile, OCBC Bank got their own strategy. With the movie of Pirates of Carribean; At World's End setting sail in cinema on 24 May nationwide, OCBC cardmember can get 2 complimentary movie passes for every RM800 charged to any of their credit card. Also, they organize roadshow to attract more consumer to apply for their credit card.

That's how marketing of credit card works nowadays..

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Financial planner for youngster

Recently, there has been newspaper articles on the need of educating our youngster to spend wisely. One of the main issue is the use of credit card. Credit card is not bad after all. A person need to know his/her spending limit and set certain % of their total income for credit card expenditure.

Lastly, I would say that most youngster nowadays are very wise in spending money.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Chinese New Year credit card

Chinese New Year (CNY) is on this sunday. What to do with credit card? There will be pre-CNY sales throughout the country. Shoppers will spend a lot during this festive season. Here come the pros of having credit card. A lot of money need to be spend each year for CNY. Family dinner gathering, house make over (paint, renovate..etc..), buy various types of CNY biscuits and also giving out ang pau.

Credit card company too will take this opportunity to promote their credit card. The introduce new card to the market, mostly red in colour card. Chinese consumer will be attracted to such card promotion. In addition, some company even give out free ang pau in auspicious number such as RM8.88, RM88.88 or even RM888.88. Eight means 'fatt' in chinese, which means lucky.