Friday, February 16, 2007

Chinese New Year credit card

Chinese New Year (CNY) is on this sunday. What to do with credit card? There will be pre-CNY sales throughout the country. Shoppers will spend a lot during this festive season. Here come the pros of having credit card. A lot of money need to be spend each year for CNY. Family dinner gathering, house make over (paint, renovate..etc..), buy various types of CNY biscuits and also giving out ang pau.

Credit card company too will take this opportunity to promote their credit card. The introduce new card to the market, mostly red in colour card. Chinese consumer will be attracted to such card promotion. In addition, some company even give out free ang pau in auspicious number such as RM8.88, RM88.88 or even RM888.88. Eight means 'fatt' in chinese, which means lucky.