Sunday, March 30, 2008

Buying unit trust

Unit trust is a form of investment, whereby the buyer buy the particular fund for the price listed on that particular day. The money that you invest in will be combined together with thousand and millions of other buyer. This money will be managed by a fund manager, to invest in either share market, bond, and much more. In return, they will charge you service charge, which is about 5.5%.

Unit trust is a safe type of investment, although any investment there may be losses. From my point of view, unit trust will definitely give a positive return as long as you put the money there for at least 3 years.

Friday, March 28, 2008


I'm sure most of my blog reader are kind-hearted person. For those who own unwanted boats or ships, you can donate boats to BoatAngel. Well, they use the fund that they obtained from boat donations to build their hospital ship, which can serve poor person from all over the world. The boats will have 6 full operating theatres 70 hospital beds, and over 450 rooms.

Check out their website if you interested to know more about 'donate my boat to charity'.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Supplementary credit card

There are lots of bank out there that offer free supplementary credit card for each credit card that you sign up for. There are lots of reason behind their marketing strategy. Their ultimate objective is to increase your chance of using the credit card. In addition, you're more likely to break the credit limit if you do not know much about the usage of the supplementary credit card.

Therefore, you have to read those terms and conditions first before applying for a card that offer free supplementary credit card.

Monday, March 24, 2008


If you are opening business in North America, keeping in touch with your client all around the world is very crucial. RHUB is a premier provider of on-premise web conferencing appliances that meet the needs of any organization or company.

RHUB is privately owned and headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, California. They have over 5,000 variety of market segments including services, manufacturing, and government. They are the finalist for Tech Innovators Awards in 2007.

Why choose RHUB? They focus on criteria of the highest importance to users such as ease of use, affordability, security, control, and reliability. They offer the best firewall that separates each employee from the cyber threat. Moreover, all users will have 100% connections. There will not be any failure to connect to the server.

They have the best technology to connect users of any platform to join meetings by using a browser. No download is required. They also offer the best remote support. Well, they also offer remote assess that will offer you to control your data from any part of the world.

Check out their website now for the 4 in 1 outstanding value packages including web conferencing, remote support, remote assess to My Computer, and web seminars. Currently, you can their web conferencing appliance for free.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

O2 Atom Exec

My friend LG just bought a new PDA phone on Monday. He bought the O2 Atom Executive for the price of RM1099 with 2GB memory and screen protector. This is definitely a good buy.

He bought it from PDA Expert at Low Yat Plaza. The salesperson are quite nice at the beginning. However, after receiving payment, they give a totally different service. At first, my friend was promised to be given a free car charger (about RM60). However, my friend choose not to take the car charger and opt for a silicon case (about RM50). The salesperson asked my friend to pay another RM10. Stupid Hanson guy!! Salesperson cannot be trusted at all.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Debt problem

There are more and more people getting into debt nowadays. What makes them getting into such a big problem? We can blame it on credit card, and various marketing strategies implemented by banks. Smart consumer, on the other hand, will not fall into bad debt. They will spend smartly with their credit card, and at the same time pay up their bill on time.

For those who are in debt, there are various agency, including government agency that provide advice and guide to settle debt. Seeking help from debt consolidation company can be useful too, as they are very experienced in handling people with bad debt.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Some people find it quite hard to secure small business loans. Some of them are not confident or getting the small business loans that they need to start up their business. Well, AFSLoans are very different from other loan website. They provide some of the lowest interest rates for unsecured loans with no application fee and no hidden charges.

All you need to do is to undergo the 30 Second Pre-Application at no cost and no obligation. After getting approved for small business loans, you can get between $10K and $150K within a 24 - 48 hours. Check out their website now.

Active blogging

How often do you update your blog? Some famous blogger update their blog following a trend, let's say every Friday they post something. Some bloggers even blog almost every other day. Well, I blog whenever I have the free time. My main objective is to share with everyone interesting topic or website that I come across while surfing the net. Visitors to my blog are able to share with me their opinion. Therefore, we get to share knowledge with each other. We work hand in hand with each other to widen our horizon.

Happy Blogging to everyone.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

LifeLock Reviews

As mentioned in my previous post early this morning, cybertheft is increasing each day. I stumble upon this great website, LifeLock Reviews, which is the leader in identity theft protection. LifeLock Reviews have various ID theft articles which include data breaches, hackers and identity theft, phishing scams, and synthetic ID theft.

Just a little on statistic. Do you know that 65 billion electronic records have been lost in the last six years? That’s equivalent to about 10 records lost for every human on earth. That shows the vulnerability of each of our online transaction.

LifeLock Review also provide comparison between their products and their competitors. Therefore, before buying their product, you may want to hear a second opinion and read other people review before making your decision. After all, the decision is on your hand on whether to protect your online transaction or not.

Promotion codes are available online that may give you opportunity to purchase LifeLock at lower cost. They also offer an additional month for you and your kids, for free. For those who like to pay monthly, they have pay-by-the-month plan for you.

Be sure to check out their website as they have good reputation. They had been featured in CNN, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, they have the LifeLock's 1 million dollar guarantee.

Secure transaction

Each and everytime you make a transaction online, there is probability that your information will be exposed to internet thief. I'm not sure about the incidence of cybertheft, but it is always to take the safe way when making online transaction. There are lots of companies that provide programme with enhanced security. Currently, major online website that offer online payment will have higher security. Therefore, consumer will not be worried each time they make an online transaction.

How do you find about cybertheft? Share your opinion in my blog ok.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Online Casino Reviews

A lot of people like to go to the real casino. Actually, joining the casino online is much fun and easier compared to going to the real casino. is an online casino review website which offers a list of over hundreds of the best online casinos. They provide both summary and full-length reviews on the highest-rated online casinos operating on the Web.

As far as I know, there are more than 3000 online casinos gaming website. Therefore, you will be able to save the time at choosing the best site to gamble online at Pro360. They provide detailed review of game experience, trust score, and bonuses offered by each casino including all American Casinos. The excitement is never ending as they provide recommendation on online gambling website in detail. There are also guides for beginners to online gambling and very useful online gambling tips to increase the odds ratio of you winning a game.

If you are interested, do check out the sign up bonus banners on every review page to get your bonus before you start because Pro360 offers greater casino sign up bonuses than any online casinos offer directly. Why wait? Go and check out Pro360 to find out more!