Friday, May 30, 2008

Credit Card Flyers

Time is money. This is an important phrase. I have searched the internet for this past few days and I have come across a few good website on credit card. There is one particular website that I like a lot;

They are the leader in the credit card industry, with their up to date comparison of various credit cards. My first visit to the website leaves me a good impression with their easy to use navigation. You can search for the credit card that you want by your special interest, such as cash rebates, sign-up bonuses, save on gas, airline miles rewards, hotel rewards, and much more. Apart from that, you can also search for credit card by the bank or issuer of the card.

The website also provides very useful credit card tools. You can use their services for free. Use their tool to calculate rewards by credit card, get your credit report, and score monitoring. For new user of credit card, there is a section in the website ‘credit education’, which I believe can be very useful to new credit card user. All your doubt will be answered there.

One thing for sure is you will save a lot of time and make your choice much easier. Why wait? Apply for a credit card now from the number one online credit card website.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Credit card answer

I believe most of my blog readers are attracted to the interesting credit card information that I post in this blog. Some readers are concern with the wide range of cards available in the market. They are having a big headache to choose the best credit card. Some readers arrive to my blog to find out more on credit card tips.
I hope my blog has answered most of the dilemma that my readers have. I will keep on posting good and useful article regarding credit card in the future. So, stay tune..

Friday, May 23, 2008

Check credit score

Nowadays, having a good credit score is very important. Most people easily get satisfied with a fair credit score. In my personal opinion, getting a professional consultation is very important as they can help to detect any credit card fraud. You can check credit score online now without much hassle.

Why do we need to have a good credit history instead of just fair credit history? Well, having a good credit history has lots of advantages such as zero balance transfer, low annual percentage rate (APR), and lots of rewards card to be chosen.

Some of us never face the problem of losing their credit card, so they may not think that credit fraud is a big problem for them. Just for statistic purpose, billions of dollars are stolen from the cards of customer. That is a big amount. There are lots of sign that can indicate that one is facing credit fraud. The website that I mentioned above offer lots of tips so that you are aware of credit fraud.

There are also lots of loan centre out there. Consumer will be having a tough time to find the best and right loan centre that can fit their requirement. That’s why we need the service of professional. Why wait? Check out the website right now and start to improve your credit score.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Public Mutual Agent

Last November, I went to Public Mutual Cheras branch and talked with one of the agent. I enquired about the requirement to become an agent. To my surprise, any aunt or uncle down the street also can become an agent, just need to have basic computer skill is enough. The most important is you know how to sweet-talk people into buying unit trust from Public Mutual. HaHa..

To become an agent, you need to:
  • 2 copy of photostated identity card
  • 6 photographs (passport-size)
  • Public Bank savings account
  • Certificate SPM
  • Initial payment of RM247.50 (which you can get back if you reach the target sales of RM30000 within 6 months)
  • CUTE tutorial RM10
  • Commission RM4

Monday, May 12, 2008

Holiday Plan

It is holiday for me now. I'm looking for a good holiday plan to spend my holiday. Since AirAsia and MASwings now having cheap air ticket, I may consider to take their flight to overseas. However, all this cheap air ticket has been snapped up quite fast.

Another problem is with accommodation. I need to find a place that is not too expensive as I'm still studying. Moving around will not be a problem, since I can just install map into my PDA phone. Hope my holiday plan will be a good one.