Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live a healthy life

Although money is quite important, but there is something that is much more important than money - health. Without a good health, you can't earn money. Money can't buy health.

I dislike people who smoke and drink alcohol. Smoking and drinking alcohol are silent killer, killing human beings each day. Smoking can cause damage to the lung and create addiction syndrome, which is hard to abstain from smoking. Alcohol will cause liver damage, which causes your body to be unable to remove toxin.

We should exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. Exercising will make your body sweat, enhance your blood flow, and make your brain much more active. Exercising, indeed has lots of benefit.

We also must have a healthy diet. Try to reduce consumption of salt and sugar. Eating at home is a good idea, because you can control the amount of sugar and salt to be added in each meal. Also, you can save money from eating at home.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maxis Postpaid

I am using Maxis PostPaid. For individual plan, they have standard plan and value plans. For standard plan, you just need to pay access fee of RM 30 per month. However, the call rate for standard plan is more expensive than value plan. For value plans, there are Value 50, Value 80, and Value 150. That is the minimum monthly commitment that you need to pay. The higher the plan value, the cheaper the call rate.

As for Family Plan, there are 2 types:
  • Family Plus Plan
  • Supplementary Line
For family plus plan, supplementary line need to pay minimum monthly commitment of RM 50. There is credit sharing between each family lines and also free 20 hours talk time and 2000 SMS. This package is very cost effective especially for couple who make long call or send lots of SMS. For the supplementary line package, the supplement line just need to pay RM 10 access fee. However, there will not be any free talk time/SMS between each line.

In my next article, I will cover on e-billing by Maxis.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Your Credit Options

As a student, I have always wanted to search for the best credit card offers for student. The first question that comes into my mind is where and how should I begin to search from? The next question is will they approve a student like me? As I surf the internet, I come across this great website; which compare various student credit cards. I learn lots of useful information regarding credit cards for student. Of course I need my parents to co-sign the card for me.

My dad also found this website very useful. He found the right type of business credit card within minutes, thanks to the simple yet informative table in the website. He also found that comparing credit card is much easier. You can choose to compare credit cards by bank, including Advanta Bank, American Express, Capital One Bank, Chase Bank, CitiBank, First PREMIER Bank, HSBC Bank, and Orchard Bank.

For first time credit card user, you can find lots of useful credit card articles and check out the latest news from The website also provides fast credit card advice. Just leave your name, email address, and your queries, and just sit back and wait for the professional answer.

Even my dad and I give thumbs up to this website. Check out the website right now and I am sure that you will find the top credit card offers within minutes.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol price hike

Yesterday our Prime Minister announced that the price of petrol will be increased. To make the matter worse, the price of electricity bill will also be increased.
  • Petrol price increased from RM1.92/litre to RM2.70/litre (that's increase of 40.6%)
  • Diesel price increased from RM1.58/litre to RM2.58/litre (that's increase of 63.3%)
Still, there is no salary increase being announced. There is massive traffic jam nearby each petrol station.

In my opinion, the price hike is fine as long as the government don't misuse the money. Everyone is complaining that they expenses for petrol will increase. I can bet that before the price increase, you will be driving to another place even it is just like 300 metre away. It is time to learn to save petrol. Saving on petrol means saving the environment.

This price hike will not affect those upper middle class society. Those fresh graduate with new car will be hurt most. I only focus my discussion on individual and not those companies. Of course, company expenditure will increase, will in turn will cause an increase in the price of goods.

I am sure that with proper financial planning, all this increase of petrol, goods, everything consumer item you can mention in Malaysia, will not be a problem to you. Spend wisely from now on..