Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waiting for job

I am currently waiting for my posting from the government. I have been waiting for the past 3 months and doing nothing at home. I spend lots of my time online doing stupid and boring stuff. However, during this time, I got to read lots of blog and know how other people live each day.

I will still need to wait and wait for maybe 1 more month before I get to know my posting. No work means no income. Sad for me. I hope I will be placed in the location that I applied for during my interview. In the meantime, let's blog and blog hopping. Happy holiday~

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Free credit score online

As I had my usual tea time with my friends, we discussed about credit cards. Well, some of my friend really had a bad credit score. They are worried that their application will be turned down by the bank or credit card companies.

So, we make full use of the wireless facilities provided by the restaurant. We came across a good website which I would like to share with all my readers. We get very useful information regarding credit score from this website.

We browsed through the website and learn how to improve our credit score. There are lots of useful article which I believe can help and guide you to increase your knowledge on credit cards. They recommended some good books on financial planning and management. Do you know that having a good credit score will allow you to apply good score cards?

Don’t worry if you have fair or bad credit score. This website also offers some credit card for those with fair or bad credit score. Take your time to browse through their website and choose the best card that suit you.

At the end of the tea time session with my friends, we are now more knowledgeable in credit card and will be a smarter consumer. No more bad credit score for us.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Drop in petrol price

I saw from newspaper today that there will be decrease in petrol price. This is due to the decrease in gas price recently. Malaysia, who plan to only subsidise RM0.30 per litre of petrol will remain with that decision. They even planned to review the price each month. So, at the beginning of each month, the petrol price will fluctuate depending on the market.

Will this be feasible? Well, I don't think so. First, this will give problem to other market, including food, transportation, etc. Do you expect the company to increase or decrease the food price each month? Lots of money need to be spend to inform the distributor, seller, and customer.

Secondly, this fluctuation of petrol price will not benefit people of lower income. This is because some of them hardly survive with the current petrol price. Let's say the price increase the next month, they will be pushed hard financially.